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TGC have forged an alliance with market leading Hyperconvergence solutions provider SimpliVity. The reason for forging this strategic alliance and heavily investing in SimpliVity technology is simple… because SimpliVity have become the fastest growing technology company to surpass a $1bn valuation, ever. This occurred only 23 months after General Product Availability and we believe their technology is the next big thing since VMware!

So what is SimpliVity…

SimpliVity’s solution is the revolutionary hyper converged OmniCube — a scalable, economical, 2U building block using an x86 server platform that offers all the functionality of traditional IT infrastructures in one device. The OmniCube is a combined, all-in-one, IT infrastructure platform that includes storage, compute, networking, hypervisor, real-time deduplication, compression, and optimization along with powerful data management, data protection, and disaster recovery capabilities.

The OmniCube is an elegant 2U building block based on x86 industry-standard systems containing compute, memory, SSDs, HDDs, and 10GbE interfaces that can be clustered in an efficient scale-out manner to deliver performance, capacity, availability, and functionality.

The benefits delivered by this framework include performance acceleration by eliminating redundant IOPS, capacity optimization, and WAN optimization through the deletion of redundant data sent between data centres and remote offices. The solution delivers cloud economics with Enterprise-class functionality (performance, reliability, availability, security, data protection, and disaster recovery). SimpliVity refers to this level integration as Hyperconvergence 3.0.

This solution is designed for high availability with no single point of failure. By combining the powerful capabilities in a scalable IT building block and leveraging the pool of resources, SimpliVity provides dramatic improvements in economics and IT simplification when compared to legacy solutions.

SimpliVity Hyperconvergence

The key enabling technology and competitive differentiator for SimpliVity – making the above possible- is the Data Virtualization Platform.

With SimpliVity, all data is deduplicated, compressed and optimized, in-line, in real-time, at inception, once and forever, across all stages of the data life-cycle. Most systems deduplicate at one phase of the data life-cycle and incur a re-hydration tax across its life-cycle (primary, backup, archive, WAN, cloud). SimpliVity deduplicates, compresses, and optimizes just once and it persists forever, everywhere.

In order to achieve this quickly—before the data ever hits the disk, which is something no other company does—we developed the OmniCube Accelerator Card, a PCIe card with FPGA and NVRAM, protected with super capacitors. This architecture allows data processing at near-wire speeds, delivering enterprise-class performance and reducing latency because of high speed, high availability NVRAM. The architecture is also extremely efficient because we have our own FGPAs. This means we are not only not slowing the data, we’re accelerating it—we deduplicate IOPS and data as its written, therefore we write less data and speed up the process.

VMware ESXi currently runs on the OmniCube system. Each OmniCube is operated by a SimpliVity controller with VM workloads running on the platform. OmniCube includes a simple policy-based framework to manage all the backups in the system. The backup policy for a virtual machine specifies how frequently backups are taken, how long they are kept, and in which data centre they are stored (either a local or remote data centre in the Federation). The public cloud is simply another destination option. All the data that moves is compressed and optimized, once and forever, everywhere, achieving effortless scalability and mobility.

SimpliVity Models

There is no longer a need to have separate devices for WAN optimization, backup deduplication, or cloud gateways. The OmniCube can securely connect to Amazon and also backup and restore to the Amazon cloud using just our system. OmniCube also requires fewer SSDs in the system than legacy devices as writes will have already been deduplicated. There are many added protection capabilities, and additional OmniCubes can be implemented for even higher efficiency and availability. So now—we have combined, or Hyperconverged, all the functionalities that are associated with storage, data, and data movement.

SimpliVity Best Practice Design

Converged Infrastructure for Dummies

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