TGC can help you reduce spend on data and information management and provide a cost-effective approach to business continuity and disaster recovery.

Our strong supplier relationships and on-going training, and accreditation programme mean that we can offer the very latest cloud and virtual technology.

TGC continue to demonstrate first-class knowledge across a variety of platforms and solutions; giving me the confidence in their ability to deliver. TGC offer the responsiveness I expect from an IT solutions provider along with the focus on value I expect from a more traditional hardware provider.

We can ensure:

  • That your data is protected and recoverable, no matter what happens
  • That your data, applications and platforms are always accessible
  • That your email is always working, accessible, archived and compliant
  • That your phone systems are always working
  • That you can bounce back after a disaster such as a flood or fire
  • That you can work from wherever you like, whenever you like
  • That you have the peace of mind of a comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable business continuity plan.
  • That you are compliant with changing regulations and requirements