TGC Repeat secures your information, eliminating laborious tape checking, reducing your costs, improving efficiency and providing you with peace of mind in the cloud.

Using state-of-the art, fully resilient, Tier 3 award winning data centre facilities, which offers the latest in security technology, ensures that your mission critical data is hosted and protected in a highly secure environment.

The data is 256 bit encrypted on the client, before it is sent to our data centre via a secure SSL channel over the internet.

TGC Computers are an invaluable resource providing much of our IT support. They provide peace of mind that all our exchange emails, files, SQL database etc… are backed up efficiently and securely.

Our highly skilled engineers are on hand to help assess your requirements, whether you require a simple file backup or a full virtualized environment backup.

They will help you decide how often you will need to perform a backup, whether it be hourly, daily or monthly and how much data you may need to retain.

Our engineers and consultants will work alongside you to determine your business requirements and provide a cost effective solution.


  • TGC will help determine the best solution for your requirements
    Backup Software is installed
  • Data is encrypted with a password
  • Where required an initial data seed can be taken locally and shipped to our data centre, saving you bandwidth
  • Backups are then run on a pre-defined schedule over a 256 bit secure connection to our UK data centre
  • An e-mail confirmation is sent to you that your backup has completed


  • Log in to your backup account, either through the backup software, or through our web portalc
  • Choose your files to restore and recover them over the internet, or alternatively raise a request for a whole machine
  • Restore to be generated locally and shipped to site
  • Receive an e-mail notification that a restore has been completed on your account

Our secure locations are manned 24/7 with a identity verification system, perimeter fencing, PIR sensors, intrusion detection, reinforced internal walls, a secure goods in and customer build area.

In line with PCI DSS requirements, we operate extensive CCTV coverage, strict access policies, anti-tailgating technology and zonal swipe card systems.

Prices start from as little as £10 per month and TGC offers a fully qualified and tailored package depending on your business requirements.

With TGC Repeat you can rest assured knowing your business can continue to work no matter what happens.