Laptops, netbooks smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices create opportunities for businesses, both large and small, to improve productivity and bottom line.  They can offer flexibility, remote access and remote working and significant cost savings, and are in demand, particularly by senior executives and teams who are out in the field.

However, alongside the benefits there are a number of challenges and risks such as:

  • Managing, deploying and keeping track of all devices
  • Managing, deploying and keeping track of all software and applications
  • Managing, protecting and recovering data
  • Preventing loss and theft
  • Managing upgrades and updates

Remote access & full control

In conjunction with Absolute Software, TGC can help you gain control and manage all your mobile devices through one easy-to-use interface, no matter what the device. We can help you track and control your IT assets, reduce costs and deter theft.

In addition, we can provide you with tools to delete data remotely, and recover devices and prove that data was not accessed – helping you avoid costly regulatory fines, negative publicity and lost business.

Our Products

We can offer a number of options to track, manage and protect all your devices and provide data protection, lifecycle management and managed theft recovery.


Based on patented technology, Computrace products provide you with a constant connection to all of the computers in your deployment and allows you to easily identify computers that have gone missing or at risk.  If attempts are made to remove Computrace from a device, the technology simply rebuilds itself.  See a demo

Absolute ManageTM

Absolute ManageTM is a lifecycle management and mobile device solution that allows IT administrators to manage PC, Mac®, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices from a single console. It allows you to remotely engage with them and perform standard maintenance routines as well as take strategic and responsive measures based upon the requirements of each device.

LoJack® for LaptopsTM

gives you the power to remotely locate, lock and delete the data on your computer before it falls into the wrong hands. Most powerful of all, only LoJack for Laptops has a dedicated Theft Recovery Team that works with local law enforcement to recover your stolen laptop and return it to you.